WhatsApp trick: How to get Dark Mode on Android, iOS smartphones

WhatsApp trick: How to get Dark Mode on Android, iOS smartphones

WhatsApp trick: We are not far from the day when the Dark Mode would be one of the most sought after features on devices as well as applications. Hailed for its power saving ability, the Dark Mode has already been introduced on a number of applications like Gmail, Google Chrome and even Facebook’s Messenger. Meanwhile, several reports have suggested that the mode is already in works for instant messaging platform WhatsApp. But, no official announcement on the same has been made yet. In fact, the reports have been doing the rounds for almost a year now but no real progress has been made.

So, if you want the Dark Mode on your phone, there is no pointing waiting for the official feature roll out. There is a WhatsApp trick that allows you to change the colour of the messaging app from the default green colour to a darker greyish colour. To do this, Android users must have Android Q beta on their devices while the iOS users must have iOS 11.


How to get Dark Mode on Android

The latest version of Android – Android Q comes with the Dark Mode. To turn this on, you need to go to Settings and click on the Display option. Then, tap theme and select “Dark”. You will also have to apply the “Dark” theme to all the apps. For this, you need to enable the ‘Developer Options’.

– Go to About phone.

– Tap on “Build Number” seven times.

– Go back to settings and open “Developer options.”

– Switch on the “Override force-dark”. This will apply dark theme to all the apps.

With this, you will have the Dark Mode applied throughout the app except the chats page. That can also be done by applying a darker wallpaper at the back. But, users need to keep in mind that Android Q is currently in beta and isn’t available for all. If your smartphone comes with Android Q support, you will have to update it once the new version is made public.

How to get Dark Mode on iOS

Apple had introduced a feature called “Smart Invert” with iOS. This feature reverses the colours of iPhone display. But, just like Android devices, the colour of the chat remains the same. Again, you need to apply a drak image as wallpaper and you would be ready to go….Read More>>>>

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