SBI Online: How to apply for new debit cards from home via

SBI Online: How to apply for new debit cards from home via

SBI Online: Originally established in 1808 as ‘Bank of Calcutta’ the State Bank of India or SBI is now the biggest bank in the country, helping millions of customers with its services. The popular services offered by the bank include personal banking, agricultural banking, NRI services, international banking and corporate services. Along with this, the bank also offers various debit and credit cards to its customers as per their requirements. The State Bank of India debit cards can be used to transact at over 1 lakh ATMs and customers are entitled to five free ATM transactions every month.

Also, the bank provides e-banking services on secure platforms and online card transactions can be made on several merchant websites. In case you don’t have a SBI debit card or want a new one, you need to login to bank’s official website – using user id and password and under “eServices” tab click on ‘ATM Card Services’, the bank explains. From there, you need to follow instructions.


SBI Online: Here is how to apply for new debit card
1. Login to the SBI internet banking website –

2. Look for the tab that reads ‘e-Services’ and click on it.

3. Select the option titled ‘ATM card services’.

4. Search for the option that reads ‘Request ATM/debit card’ and tap on it.

5. The request will have to be authenticated with internet banking credentials and OTP sent to the registered mobile number.

Once the request in successfully placed, you will be notified of the duration in which the card would be delivered. The same steps have to followed while applying for a new card on the SBI mobile banking app. The customers can also file a written request for a new debit card and email it to the SBI customer care email ID.

If the procedure mentioned above is unsuccessful, the customer can call the bank’s 24-hour customer care helpline and make a request for a new debit card.

Source: zeebiz