SBI account holder? Alert! Do not interact with fake accounts on social media – Here’s how to spot one

SBI account holder? Alert! Do not interact with fake accounts on social media – Here’s how to spot one

On multiple occasions, State Bank of India (SBI) has been guiding its customers to stay alert and vigilant while securing their bank accounts and their credentials. In the latest move, SBI has warned about fake accounts on social media. The bank has asked customers not to waste their time and money on any fake accounts that are using social media portals to interact with them.

The lender has further said they should follow, tag and interact with social media accounts which are verified and officially handled by SBI. That said, SBI asked them to be careful in how they deal with every comment, complaint and inquiry on social media so that they do not fall prey to scammers.


Make sure you are interacting on official SBI’s social media accounts mentioned below:.n Facebook – @StateBankOfIndia

.On Instagram – @theofficialsbi
.On Twitter – @TheOfficialSBi
.On Linkedin – State Bank of India (SBI)
.On Google+ – State Bank of India
.On Youtube – State Bank of India
.On Quora – State Bank of India (SBI)

Here are some methods to spot a fake social media account

Always check the updates posted by the suspected fake profile. There can be updates that being posted with spelling error or very old. Some users can ask you about your financial details in regards to query over your bank account. Before providing in such information, make sure to call your bank’s customer service number. It’s the first step for being aware.

Check out accounts which are repeatedly pushed out spam. Some of the signs are sharing of same links on multiple times within shorter period of time. Or providing discounts or offers to make you talk over your financial information.

Make sure to check out verification indicator on the social media accounts of high-profile users. For instance, Twitter highlights a light blue verification badge (check-mark icon) at the top left corner of a verified account, above the profile name, Twitter handle and bio.

Have an update of an social media network FAQs for knowing the look and location of a legitimate verification indicator.

Meanwhile, also look out for the followers and subscribers list when looking through a legitimate social media account. The real account will always have a maximum number of subscribers.

Look out for phony reviews and ratings. Generally, fake reviews do not have comments involved in regards to a company’s products or services, instead they are overwhelming positive or negative feedbacks.

Hence, protect your bank account from fake social media accounts, if you do not want to lose your money….Read More>>>>>

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