How to track Voter ID application status online

How to track Voter ID application status online

A valid Voter ID card in order to cast their vote. In case you have applied for a Voter ID card, but haven’t received it yet, you can easily track your application status online.

How to track your application status online :-


Once you have successfully submitted your application, a tracking reference ID will be issued to you.

So, in order to check your application status online, log on to the NVSP portal.

Then on the homepage, click on ‘Track application status’ link, enter your reference ID, and click on ‘Track status’ button.

Your application status will flash on the screen.

What are the different steps in Voter ID generation process?

The first step in Voter ID generation and verification procedure is the successful submission of your application. This is followed by a Booth Level Officer (BLO) appointment. Post that, field verification is done, and finally…….Read More>>


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